Welcome to Thubten Lekshey Ling, a Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center in Bangalore, India - A Palyul Nyingma Dharma Centre founded by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, for the study and practice of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism and particularly the Great Perfection (Dzogchen)


In the path to "Bodhi",
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Highlights of Upcoming Programs


There are special teaching and empowerment programs by His Eminence Khenchen Pema Sherab Rinpoche on Sunday, the 19th of April.


Program 1, Sunday, 10 AM to 12.30 PM: Empowerment of "Medicine Buddha (Bhaishajyaguru Buddha)".

In Bhaisajyaguru Sutra, Buddha Sakyamuni explains that Bhaishajyaguru took special vows during his path to enlightenment to benefit beings through healing physical, emotional and mental illnesses. Due to the power of this vow, upon attaining enlightenment, Bhaishajyaguru's wisdom mind continuously manifests its compassion to remove illness. Anyone who opens their mind through making connection to Bhaishajyaguru Buddha can benefit from this manifestation of healing energy.

Program 2, Sunday, 3 PM to 6 PM: Teaching on "Qualities of the Omniscient Buddha".

For most Buddhist students, taking refuge – the door to enter the path of Buddhadharma – might seem easy to comprehend but if we think carefully, it is not that simple. To take refuge in the Three Jewels means to know the qualities of Buddha, dharma and sangha and then to rely upon them with faith based upon reason. Especially, to fathom the qualities of Buddha is not a child’s play. Apart from the enlightened qualities of knowing all phenomena, possessing the perfect wisdom and compassion, and being ornamented with the major and minor signs, there are other often unheard qualities of the ten powers, four fearlessness and eighteen distinct features.
In this enlightening session, His Eminence Khenchen Pema Sherab Rinpoche will shed light upon these great qualities of the Buddha based upon a scriptural commentary by the celebrated Tibetan Nyingma scholar Mipham Rinpoche.

  Teaching and Empowerment by Khenchen Pema Sherab Rinpoche


Program 1, Medicine Buddha Empowerment: Medicine Buddha empowerment is highly recommended for all who have an interest in Vajrayana Buddhism and willing to accept blessings from a master. This empowerment is not expected to have many practice commitments and hence is also suitable for those who are new to Vajrayana and yet are desirous to enter the path. Practice commitments related to empowerment are generally informed by the teacher after the empowerment ceremony. You are encouraged to contact us over phone or email for further clarifications.
Program 2, Qualities of the Omniscient Buddha: Recommended for all. People will find this teaching highly inspirational towards the path of Buddhahood.


The schedule of all teachings and meditations

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