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Program Structure

Our programs are organized into the following streams

Special Sessions with Great Masters

During these sessions (typically once in three months), we have great masters (Rinpoches) of Nyingma Buddhism visiting our center. During these occasions, empowerments (initiations) for various Vajrayana meditation practices are conferred. In addition, there are oral transmissions of scriptures in the traditional way to pass blessings in an unbroken lineage all the way from Shakyamuni Buddha. These masters also give practical instructions and detailed teachings during their visits. Participants also get an opportunity to individually meet these masters and take personal advice and practice instructions after these sessions.

Regular Sessions of Dharma Teaching and Meditation

These sessions (typically on every Sunday 10:00am) are intended to introduce Buddhist philosophy and practice, as well as a platform for regular practice and interactive learning. There are sessions at basic and advanced levels. This includes practical dharma for daily life as well as instructions for advancing in the spiritual path. These sessions start with a meditation session. Most often, the teaching sessions are also interspersed with meditations, contemplations and discussions.

We also have advanced study programs on various philosophical topics of Buddhism.

Vajrayana Group Meditations & Pujas

During Sunday morning 8:30am we have sessions on one of the following:

Medicine Buddha - Healing Meditation

21 Tara - Puja and Meditation

Riwo Sangcho - Ritual Practice of the Yogins

Amitabha Practice - Accomplishing Pure Land of Great Bliss

Treasury of Blessings - Shakyamuni Buddha Meditation

Barched Lamsel & Sampa Lundrup - Guru Rinpoche prayers to remove obstacles and accomplish wishes

Vajrakilaya - Dispelling Obstacles

During some of the Sunday afternoons, we also have sessions on one of the following:

Ngondro practice sessions (Vajrayana preliminary practices)

In addition, during tsok days (10th and 25th of lunar calendar) we do one of the elaborate group practices of tsok offering.

Rigdzin Dupa (Gathering of the Masters of Pristine Awareness) - once every month on Guru Rinpoche day

Yumka Dechen Gyalmo (The Great Bliss Queen) - once every month on Khandro day

Shower of Blessing (Tsig Duen Lha Drup)

The following are some of the courses we had in the past

As the Clouds Drfit by - Meditation meets life..

Making Way for the Sunshine - Meditations for Transformation

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